Meet Fierra

Fierra Cruz is a San Diego born swimsuit/lingerie model and successful entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Lilumia whose primary product is the new and innovative makeup brush cleaning device releasing this year (2015). As a model, she has been a host at the Mexican Billboard Awards on Telemundo and at the Grand Prix of Monaco. Fierra’s photos were featured in many magazines including Maxim, Playboy, and editorials in FHM Spain, Lifestyle for Men magazine, and Luxury Standard.

When Fierra is not modeling or running her company (Lilumia), she attends graduate school pursuing her Masters in Business Administration. Fierra comes from a large family with 8 siblings, a background mix of Scandinavian, Spanish, North/West African, and British. She loves to play the cello, travel, and goes on haunted tours in each new city she visits!

Fun Facts

  • Left Handed
  • Flown a Plane Before
  • Loves British Movies
  • Previous Job in the IT Field
  • Enjoys Hiking in Zion Utah